Jabra Evolve 65 SE, Link380a MS Stereo

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Professional wireless headset with dual connectivity and amazing sound for calls and music.

Jabra Evolve 65 is a professional wireless Bluetooth® headset that improves your conversations and helps you concentrate. It comes with Jabra Link 380a USB adapter.

Freedom to multi-task

A wireless Bluetooth® connection provides the flexibility to move around freely while working (up to 30m/100 feet away from phone device), take calls and listen to music wirelessly from mobile devices and having no interfering cords when working at the PC.

Stay in the zone and avoid interruptions
The Jabra busy light helps you to cope with the challenges of an open office environment and let people clearly know that you are on the phone. The indicator turns red when you are on a call and keeps you from being interrupted.

Always connected

Don’t miss a call and listen to music from your preferred device using the same headset. Connects simultaneously to two phone devices via Bluetooth®, letting you stay connected to both your web browser based phone and your mobile phone at the same time, enabling you to play music or take calls from both devices using the same headset.

Convenient charging and storage

Comes optional with a charging stand, providing easy and convenient charging and storage.

Reasons to choose Jabra Evolve 65

  • Single ear headset
  • Certified for Skype for Business
  • Freedom to multi-task
  • Stay in the zone and avoid interruptions
  • Always connected
  • Convenient charging and storage
  • All-day comfort
  • Works with all leading UC platforms


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